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Does Your System's Design Meet Expectations?

Source: Snap Lock, Inc.
Date: 01/14/2011

There are certainly tradeoffs between what is possible and what is practical and affordable when designing sanitation systems for the meat and poultry industry. Several years ago members of an American Meat Institute task force crafted 11 principles of sanitary design for the meat and poultry industry. Two of those principles are particularly applicable to Snap Lock systems.

The first of these two principles said to "Use durable materials and joint sealers to prevent harborage points ....". Snap Lock conveyor systems are designed and built using stainless steel and food grade UHMW.  All joints are welded and ground smooth to eliminate points where contaminants could collect.

The second of the principles says, "Design utility systems to prevent contamination; create surfaces cleanable to a microbiological level". All Snap Lock components meet this criteria. Because we use only food grade UHMW plastic with the stainless steel, our conveyors are more easily and thoroughly sanitized.

Additionally, Snap Lock systems are easily reconfigured for a change of use or to disassemble while cleaning without the use of special tools. Personnel can quickly learn exactly how to make such changes thus lessening down time.

Snap Lock can design a system from start to finish or can work with your company's design to build your conveyor. Either way, we will work with you to provide the best possible system for your use. Snap Lock will be your partner throughout the process and even after completion for anything you may need.