Snap Lock

Modular Conveyor Systems


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About Snap Lock

Snap Lock has spent the last seven years researching and testing our product specifically in the food industry. Our visionary customers have helped us revolutionize and simplify our design to meet the everyday needs of sanitation, food safety, minimal downtime, and sustainability.

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to surpass customer expectations by continuing to be the most innovative sanitary modular conveyor systems on the market through superior customer service with state of the art premium stainless steel equipment.

Our Vision

  • To always create proactive solutions to inevitable change by designing with conveyor flexibility in mind from the beginning.
  • To serve our customers with unwavering dedication and commitment to quality with all our products and service.
  • To offer quick delivery and flexible installs to minimize downtime.
  • To always provide innovative options to reduce cost and increase the return on investment while NEVER sacrificing quality.
  • To help our customers by promoting modular systems that permit reusability and eliminate Bone Yards.