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Making Change Work for You

Source: Snap Lock, Inc.
Date: 03/28/2011

To survive in today's business economy a company must "go with the flow" and "roll with the punches". In the food industry that is especially the case as more and different products are developed. Even though the only constant is change, one thing must never change and always be at the forefront - sanitation. No matter what you produce or how you produce it, the bottom line is the quality of the end product.

Conveyors that move the product and the belting on which the product travels during the process are two elements that will always exist. That being the case, it is more prudent than ever to purchase the most sanitary conveyor available.

Snap Lock is a sanitary, modular conveyor system built to each customer's specific needs. Snap Lock uses sanitary, food grade UHMW plastic that meets or even exceeds USDA, FDA and AMI requirements. Snap Lock conveyors are built on stainless steel frames that are either bolted or welded. The welded systems are polished smooth to eliminate areas where food particles and contaminants can be trapped.

Snap Lock uses a variety of belting products depending on the product to be conveyed. We always suggest that our customers use the most sanitary belt available for their particular need. Obviously, when choosing belting durability and quality are also important considerations. Since nearly all meat and poultry products at some point come in direct contact with the belting, sanitation must remain the driver. This type of attention to detail about the various parts of a conveyor further demonstrates Snap Lock's emphasis on sanitation.

Because Snap Lock is a systems integrator, our conveyors can be integrated with your existing system. We can also design and build a new system if that is your need. In either case, we can integrate products from other companies, such as detectors, scales and robotics, with our Snap Lock system. Additionally, we are an original equipment manufacturer, (OEM) and as such can deliver our product sooner than other manufacturers. Food safety is largely a matter of trust. You can trust Snap Lock to build the most sanitary conveyor system possible.

Snap Lock has always strived to be the very best in both end product and customer service. Purchasing based on cost alone almost never proves to be a good idea and may end up costing more in the long run. By making the change to a Snap Lock system, you will make an investment in your company.